Why an Waterworld Electronics drive system?

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Dutch Government stimulates electric boating by providing grants of up to 25% of the purchase costs for electric power systems for boats. Many boaters do want to replace the engine in their boat or yacht by an electric motor, but the high installation costs, the needed space and uncertainties regarding the range,
keep them from investing. Waterworld Electronics developed the E-boat Power Pack

A Waterworld Electronics engine has the entire drive system in one frame

All separate components combined into one solid frame.

Apart from the fact that installation of separate components doesn’t look good, it makes it also very vulnerable. The many failures and rapid depletion of batteries do the reputation of the electric boating no good.  While boats are actually ideally suited to electrify. The weight of the batteries has no disadvantages in a boat, in contrast to an electric car or bike. The weight of the batteries even improve stability characteristics, with proper setup. By now everyone knows that electric boats enhance pleasure due to the absence of smell, exhaust fumes and noise. Moreover, a modern e-boat is much more user friendly than a boat with a gasoline or diesel engine, and last but not least, lower on maintenance.


We have concentrated on a well-shielded, smallest possible set of motor and controller coupled to a normal throttle control and a display that everyone understands. Beautiful, well protected from moisture technology. Intelligent software and no nonsense control and disclosure. Dutch thoroughness, including a solid, ultra-quiet brushless electric motor.

With a compact engine, there is still plenty of room for the battery pack.
The new electric drive system is sitting on a single frame of 60 by 30 cm, the dimensions which are necessary to allow rapid universal mountings. Within 5 to 15 hours a diesel engine can now be converted, depending on the type of boat, whereas previously it took at least double the cost of labor.

Plug and play

Our plug-and-play power unit has become a very compact and smart system.
Started with a digital key. Throttle and switches in one lever and without wires or disturbing potentiometers. As in the latest electric cars and e-bikes, the display shows the consumption behavior and its impact on the range. If after a few hours of sailing the battery capacity will deplete to rapidly, the controller reduces the power back to a level where you always can reach home or another destination. The controller is adaptive and cooperative. He avoids draining the batteries. While setting extra power to quickly cross a channel, remains possible.

An intelligent engine, easy to understand display to understand display and digital keys.

The display is simple and clear: One indicator for economy and one for range. If the red LED’s illuminate, then you reach the 2nd half of the battery capacity. The panel also shows forward, neutral and reverse position.
Our system is so compact, user friendly and cooperative that it is also very suitable for placement in eg rent boats. A whole day, 8 to 12 hours sailing single charge, is not an issue now.

Financial benefits

The E-boat Power Pack is cheaper than a gasoline engine with the same performance, while the cost of the energy consumption are only a fraction of a conventional engine. In many cases, the investment also 25% off, through all sorts of interesting subsidies such as those in the provinces of Friesland and Overijssel. In some cities, this applies.

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