Electric Inboard Motor

Available in 4, 7.5, 10 and 20 kW

The engine is air cooled reducing maintenance to a minimum and keeping installation as simple as it gets. The in house developed motor controller is extremely silent and does not create a “high pitch” motor sound. It’s elegant and modern design fits well in modern boats and can give your old trusted boat a clean look. No more dirty bilge water!


Available in 6.5 kWh and 13 kWh.

The WaterWorld 48 Volt lithium batteries are developed to power the WaterWorld electric motors. It’s unique modular design is built around safety, reliability and redundancy. The 3.5 mm thick aluminium enclosure protects the electronics from the elements while simultaneously protecting you from the battery. The shape of the battery is designed to fit in the cramp spaces of your boat. Installation is safe, quick and easy thanks to the quick connect terminals. No need to tighten bolts with a wrench while hanging upside down.The battery is made up of 352 individual A-grade cylindrical lithium iron phosphate battery cells. This increases the battery life and decreases degradation. Communication between the motor and the batteries is enabled through the Baterry link.


Available in 35A and 15A models

The chargers will charge a battery in under 4 hours for the 35A version or in just under 9 hours for the 15 A version. The 35 A charger is compatible with a standard EU wall outlet (16A fuse). For harbours with a limited fuse (10A) the 15A charger can be used.

Colour Display

Always be up to date with your systems performance!

The colour display comes standard with every WaterWorld electric motor. The display features all you need to know about your drive system. For instance, current power, motor temperature, battery percentage, remaining sailing time and other.


Standard with every WaterWorld electric motor the keyswitch is used to turn on your system.


Available as side mount and top mount

Its modern design is ergonomic and easy to use. All accessories are easy to connect with a single cable through the WaterWorld-Bus system.

Electrify your boat!